how to buy a gaming mouse in 2018

How To Buy a Gaming Mouse in 2018

Are you looking to become a professional gamer? Well, you are going to have to put in the blood, sweat, prayers, curses, and tears in order to do it. It takes time and effort in order to become a professional gamer!

However, having the right mouse by your side should allow you to become either pro or a really great gamer who just continues to invest into your gaming experience.

Everyone knows, especially in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs for short) massive multiplayer online games (MMOs for short), that the right mouse can give you a competitive edge in the field over your opponents. So, it’s best to get a mouse that is both convenient and comfortable for you to play with. Also, don’t be afraid to buy two mice or buy the mouse for the type of game style you play the most, you could get buy in a MMO/MOBA game with an FPS mouse but playing an FPS game with an mouse with more buttons than a calculator can cause accidental button pressing in hectic FPS gaming fire fights.

Can’t You Use A Regular Mouse, Instead?

Gaming mice and regular mice are the same, in some ways. However, gaming mice are usually designed for the better gaming experience than what a regular mouse can offer.

If you are looking to get your work done in Microsoft Word, a regular mouse is definitely your friend. However, gaming mice are custom-designed to make sure that you enjoy the game that you’re playing and that you’re are at least competitive against the other players when need be.

P.C. gaming is become very complex and the P.C. gaming mice had to adopt to this because of this brave new reality.

So, can you use a regular mouse for gaming? Yes, it is definitely possible but if you’re someone who plays regularly even an hour a week, we would recommend you invest in a gaming mouse as they will massively improve your gaming experience. This gaming mouse buyers guide: has the best mice for each category FPS, MMO, RPG, MOBA and is a great resource for anyone looking to buy a new gaming mouse. But before you jump in, lets first discuss what to look for in a gaming mouse in 2018 and beyond… Starting with grip type.

What’s Your Grip Style?

Not every mouse would be great addition to your gaming experience. Some mice would be fantastic for other users but downright horrible and unpleasant for you to use.

This is because of your grip style, the way that you grip your mouse naturally. People have different grip styles and it’s up to you to know what your grip style is.

There’s the palm-grip: a standard style used by mostly everyone where your fingers are flat on the mouse.
There’s the tip grip: a style where the tips of your fingers rest on the mouse instead.

Then, there’s the claw grip where your palm rests on the back end of the mouse.

Identifying what your grip style will let you know what gaming mouse that you can get your hands on.

Versatile Button Customization

Do you remember what we said about gaming mice being complex and more complicated than the olden’ days. Most dedicated gaming mice have their customized software. It works by you programming how the mouse operates when you are playing games.

You can adjust button programming, sensitivity, connection with your headset, and quick programming to your mouse “quick-draw” buttons.

You have it here and it’s your job to customize your mouse to how you like it.

Gaming Mice of Different Stripes

Gaming mice come in different sizes and different flavors and you just have to find the ones that are right for you. Here are a few different mice that you can look for to find out which ones would be perfect for you.

FPS gaming mice: you use left-button on the side of your mouse to shoot your targets in a quick-second notice.

MOBA/MMO gaming mice: These mice are customized to handle the complex command for games like League of Legends and the other command-heavy games.

Ambidextrous mice: No left-handed gamer gets left behind. These types of mice are perfect for you to be play and not feel like you have to master your other hand in order to do it. No pun intended.

Now You Know…

Hopefully, you should know which mouse best suits your style and will improve your gaming.

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